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Vang Vieng Itineraries: Venturing into the Wilderness (Western Circuit)

Oftentimes dubbed as the epitome of picturesque natural landscapes in the Laotian countryside, Vang Vieng is home to numerous natural attractions and phenomena that offer a stark contrast against the party atmosphere in the town centre.  Rice paddy fields welcome you as you begin your westward journey.

Vang Vieng Experiences: Tubing in the Nam Song River

Blessed with spectacular natural landscapes adorning the entire region with limestone karsts erected just on the opposite bank of the Nam Song River, Vang Vieng is certainly a nature lover’s paradise to just relax, unwind and throw himself into the embrace of Mother Nature. You will instantly fall in love with the majestic mountainous landscape.

Getting Around Vang Vieng - Wheels or Heels?

Situated halfway along the route between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng prides itself as a backpacker haven which offers visitors a spectacular view of its picturesque natural landscapes with rice paddy fields and limestone karsts dotting the lands.  What beats being able to admire these majestic mountains from your hotel room?

Vientiane Itineraries: Royals and Commoners (Western Circuit)

Upon arriving in Vientiane, travellers can already sense the relaxed pace of life permeating throughout the entire country of Laos. As such, this itinerary will have a balance between some of the most intriguing, exciting spots that this capital city has to offer and some of the less visited hideaways to just unwind and get rejuvenated before possibly heading to other regions of the country.

Vientiane Itineraries: Praying for a Better Tomorrow (Eastern Circuit)

As Buddhism plays a pivotal role in the society of Laos, it is not surprising to be able to spot numerous temples scattered all over the heart of Vientiane’s city centre. Commonly known as ‘wats’, these temples offer spectacular architecture for visitors to admire and also an opportunity to better comprehend the culture and traditions endeared by the local populace.