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Vang Vieng Experiences: Tubing in the Nam Song River

Blessed with spectacular natural landscapes adorning the entire region with limestone karsts erected just on the opposite bank of the Nam Song River, Vang Vieng is certainly a nature lover’s paradise to just relax, unwind and throw himself into the embrace of Mother Nature.

In spite of all the sights and outdoor activities available along the river banks of the river, river tubing remains the absolute favourite and must-do experience for travellers, young and old, who have come to this town.

The Dark History of Tubing
If it had not been for tubing, Vang Vieng would definitely not be what it is today and probably would remain unknown and insignificant to the outside world in spite of its picturesque natural landscapes.

Starting off as a means of relaxation for volunteers working on a farm to unwind in tractor-tyre inner tubes down the Nam Song River, the trend of tubing began spreading like wildfire and gained international attention amongst backpackers who were travelling along the we…